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As The owner of Central Illinois, I would like to take this time to explain more about what we do.  I am licensed with the state of Illinois to accept and reassign to foster homes horses which have been confiscated or donated to the state.  If space permits I take some horses that owners have relinquished ownership due to financial difficulties. I am not authorized to tresspass on private property and take any horses unless given permission by the owner or the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  
      Horses are not like cats and dogs which are rescued.  Often, well-meaning people want to see an immediate abundance of feed for the horses, which can result in hoof problems, and/or colic, resulting in death.  After the government takes possession or relinquishes the horses to me, it is the job of CIHR to find foster homes for them, and monitor their progress.  I do not take a salary for this work, and a 100% of the donations receive go for rehabilitating the horses. 
As part of a Cavalry Reenactment group (11th Volunteer Cavalry Unit),  The horses that are rideable or able to train, we train for a job with the Unit, Mostly made of teenagers interested in the Civil War era, we give them the opportunity to learn to ride, train the horses, take care of the horses and enjoyment of a horse, while at the same time we teach the teens the history of the Civil War. 
 If you would like to donate, go to the "contact us" page and we can accept donation thru paypal or sending it to my address.   Thank you so much for your support. And if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. If you are interested in being part of the committee, please contact me via email or cell phone with your interest.
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